High quality brick mortar repair, Brooklyn NY wide.

If you are looking for a professional reliable brick mortar repair contractor, our skilled team provide a local, reliable and expert service to property owners across Brooklyn. Brick mortar repair needs to be a timely intervention for mortar problems such as weathering, erosion, damp, frost attack and spalling. Spalling brick is a serious and expensive problem as moisture ingress and cycles of freezing and defrosting as weather changes causes the brick to crack and crumble.

Mortar repair by our team will tackle these issues before they can become extensive thus saving you money over time.  Brick mortar repair is not only essential for maintenance of your Brooklyn NY property but also provides an aesthetic finish. With Brooklyn boasting so many historic buildings and property styles, brick mortar repair offers a cost-effective way of improving your property’s appearance as well as keeping the maintenance of your facade in check.

We are pleased to undertake any job large or small, all to our high professional standards of workmanship. Our local skilled tradesmen will assess and carry out your brick mortar repair.

Brick mortar repair

Brick mortar repair

A quality brick mortar repair requires expert assessment of your property.

Our tradesmen will look at the underlying techniques, masonry units and mortar used to originally construct your building. We always seek to look for and tackle any underlying causes of damage to your mortar. We want to know the strength and permeability of the original mortar used to come up with a new mortar that will match and not create additional problems over time.

Our skilled masons are able to carefully remove old mortar and make replacement with a new suitable match. We work hard to ensure that this is done skillfully and carefully with the appropriate tools.

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Contact us now!  If you are not sure where to begin with your brick mortar repair, we are able to help you. Contact us today to arrange a free initial assessment where we will provide advice for your building problem and if needed a clear and comprehensive quote for all necessary quotes. Contact us today – our team is ready and willing to serve.

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