Brick Pointing in Brooklyn, NY

Brick pointingStone and brick walls surely look stunning but are likely to undergo the development of cracks in the bricks and their joints over time. Water starts flowing down the cracks, slowly diminishing the durability as well as the appeal of the structure.

Why Brick Pointing, moisture, temperature, improper techniques or material used during the time of construction are major enemies of a brick walls that can turn into a menace when ignored for long. Gradually, the mortar breaks down, and can make the structure very vulnerable.


What is Brick Pointing Services

The key to getting rid of all the above-mentioned problems and their consequences, is brick pointing” to repair the mortar joints ahead of time. That’s where our brick pointing services in Brooklyn, NY is so important, and involves repairing and replacing the mortar as well as the joints. Repointing is the fine process of reworking the pointing, i.e. the external parts of mortar joints.


Our brick pointing services include:

– Plastering

– Screeding

– Repointing or pointing of small patches

– Using mild methods for old constructions

– Repairing damages caused by weak pointing

– Damp proofing and control


If you see one or more signs of damage, including disintegrating mortar, loose bricks or stones, damp walls, cracks in the joints, holes in mortar joints, or plaster damage – it’s time to get a brick pointing.

Our expert professionals have the appropriate skill and experience to find potential issues at the outset, further preventing the repair task from turning prohibitively costly and troublesome.  Strategically scheduled and done brick pointing will save you a great deal of expense that would be otherwise spend in getting the task done when it’s too late.

Our Brooklyn, NY brick pointing will not only make your building look as amazing as new but will also last for years. Give us a call if you want to bring a new life to those brick walls.


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