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We all know that external masonry requires specialist care. Waterproofing protects your bricks and mortar and provides lasting cover of brick, concrete, cement and stone from rain and outside moisture. Moisture ingress can erode bricks and mortar causing dampness and cycles of freezing with swelling and contraction which eventually crack and shatter your brick. Prevent spalling, external damp and other expensive problems with timely application of high-quality masonry brick waterproofing by our expert masons. Our team will work on your building’s exterior to create a long-lasting barrier which will repel water and minimize risk of frost damage.

Brick waterproofing

Brick waterproofing

Only quality materials and methods used for brick waterproofing with a lasting finish

We work with only the best masonry liquid brick waterproofing and sealants which are expertly applied by our experienced team. We ensure that your property is thoroughly assessed for the best product for the job. Proper application of products means that they will properly penetrate you brick facade. Our teams are equipped with the right equipment and ensure that there is attention to detail on every brick waterproofing job. Poor quality or bad contractors may use inappropriate sealants that stop the brick work from breathing and trap any damp present in your walls. We source high quality brick waterproofing that are breathable and allow moisture to escape.

Contact us and receive a free initial property assessment It is important to undertake a thorough assessment of your property’s exterior masonry before application of waterproofing to ensure that there are no other co-existing problems in your brickwork.

Our team undertakes a comprehensive survey on every job and will alert you to issues such as missing bricks, cracks, rising damp and faults that we can also repair. Getting started with us is as easy as getting in touch. Contact us and a member of the team will be happy to arrange a site visit.


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