When it comes to quality masonry contractors in Brooklyn, NY consider us.Masonry contractors


We have the knowledge and skill set to help you with a plethora of different masonry construction work and projects.

As Masonry contractors in Brooklyn, NY “Our work covers: Masonry walls, CMU, Concrete masonry units, Brick, new masonry and brick construction, Masonry repairs, Brick pointing, Brick wall repair, and Brick repointing”. And any other area of the home or business that need a smoothing out of cement or general patch work.

We also cover both the commercial side and private sides of business. Working with homeowners to make their home look beautiful is what makes us happy. We can make those walls look aesthetically pleasing, brick by brick.

If you have any pertinent questions about the type of brick and cement or any other techniques that we use, our company “Masonry Brick Contractors” is there to guide you! Our staff have the know-how and the ability to get it done across all boroughs of New York.


What do masonry contractors generally do?

Masons work with blocks of concrete as well as many forms of stones to build walkways, walls a plethora of structures made of cement. Indeed, we have the cement the bricks and the know how to get things done. Now, all we need is you, the customer to reach out to us to complete both your large and / or your small masonry projects.


Our Experience as A Company

As masonry contractors, we have addressed the many different wants and needs of our clients over the years. We are an industry leader that believes in quality work. Our staff is qualified to help get that quality masonry construction completed to your liking!

We are here to serve your needs — whether it be as a homeowner or a business owner who wants a new wall, driveway or parking space.

our company “Masonry Brick Contractors

Located at 1934 54th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204

We can be contacted by phone at (917) 909-2360

Or by email at Masonrybricks@gmail.com. Find out more about the kind of quality mason work that we do by visiting our website at https://masonrybrickcontractors.com.


We will contact you within one business day.

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