What is masonry repair?

Masonry repair includes the repair and maintenance of brick and stonework, masonry units, adobe and other building stone such as marble or granite as well as mortar. Combat deterioration and distress in your property with professional, competent repairs to your property’s walls and facades by our Brooklyn NY contractors. Brooklyn NY property owners can benefit from our comprehensive masonry repair service.

masonry repair

masonry repair

“We undertake a full range of masonry repair work including: 

Repair of cracks 

Replacement of loosened bricks 


Masonry cleaning 

Masonry waterproofing 


Chimney repairs 

Fireplace repairs and renovation  

Application and repair of veneers”


We always undertake a full site survey to get to the bottom of what has caused your masonry problem. Our team also assess the existing materials in place to ensure that repairs match and work with the existing structures and do not compromise your building.

Uplift and protect Brooklyn NY buildings with expert masonry repair

With so many historic buildings and iconic architecture in the borough, our masons are expert in techniques and tools needed to repair a range of properties. Masonry repair is a key part of maintaining the appearance of your home or commercial property and protecting it from the rigors of damp city weather and pollution which take their toll on your building’s exterior.

Hire talented masons for your high-quality masonry repair. Amateur and do-it-yourself’ repairs are an increasingly popular way for undertaking home improvement projects. However, mistakes can be costly. A badly performed masonry project can compromise the structural integrity of your building, potentially impacting any insurance and mortgage arrangements in place. Ensure that you have an appropriate high-quality repair using the correct materials by utilizing the services of trained and experienced tradesmen.

Sound masonry repair is not only attractive but a good investment for the protection of your building for years to come. To get started with our masons, simply call and a member of our team will arrange a visit to your property to assess and advise you on what is needed.


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