Protect your Brooklyn NY property with fine masonry waterproofing

If you are concerned about damp penetrating your property, you are rightly concerned. Water ingress via exposed brickwork can not only rapidly lead to penetrating damp, but also cause frost damage and spalling (cracking and crumbling) of your bricks or erosion and deterioration of your stonework or concrete. These are both costly problems, making masonry waterproofing a wise investment for sound property maintenance.

Masonry waterproofing

Masonry waterproofing

Our expert masons are on-hand to undertake a diligent survey of your property with professional application of the best masonry waterproofing products for the job.  A long-lasting quality finish for every masonry waterproofing job

Amateur tradesmen may damage your home’s masonry by applying the wrong products in a sloppy fashion. We put your mind at ease with selection of the correct sealants for brick, stone, concrete and a variety of mortars. Our product selections not only provide thorough waterproofing, they also allow the walls to breathe where necessary to allow any trapped moisture to escape and your walls to dry fully.

Our team will not overlook any underlying problems that will compromise a masonry waterproofing job. Cracks, faults and failing mortar need to be repaired before undertaking application of masonry waterproofing. Your Brooklyn NY masons will need to select from amongst the best waterproofing facade creams, sealants and liquids for the best solution for your premises.

A personable and professional Brooklyn NY masonry waterproofing service

Our team can undertake masonry waterproofing jobs of any size. We undertake both residential and commercial projects to our consistently high standards. Our company is well referenced, and we are happy to provide examples of our previous projects.

Contact us today to arrange an initial assessment of your property with free quotation. Simply call our reliable and responsive team who are happy to help. We will provide a free initial site survey with advice and quotation for every job as standard.


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