Uplift your building’s facade with expert repointing brick in Brooking NY

We are your first choice for renewing or just tidying up the external parts by repointing brick and the mortar joints in your building. Pointing up is certainly a great investment for bettering your properties exterior and can dramatically refresh some of our Brooklyn, NY borough’s historic buildings such as the brownstones or row houses.Repointing Brick

Our team of experienced masons can get to grips with repointing brick jobs of any size, making a diligent repair to the repointing brick of your building. We are pleased to provide you with a high-quality lasting finish that not only is durable but greatly improves the appearance and character of your property, giving great curb appeal.  Repointing brick is essential for maintaining and protecting your property.

Cracked and crumbling mortar and brickwork is not only unsightly but can cause long term damage to your property. In Brooklyn and the New York City area, pollution, weather and the passage of time take their toll on property exteriors, particularly in the integrity of mortar which can gradually erode.

Neglecting the repointing brick of a building can diminish the integrity of the building, reduce its weatherproofing and cause ingress of moisture which can cause damp and more extensive brickwork problems. Frost weathering can be particularly bad and crack bricks.

Our Brooklyn, NY masons are able to tackle mortar and brickwork problems early with skilled assessment of your property, always looking for underlying causes.


Expertise and high-quality materials for repointing brick on every job

High quality brick repointing in Brooklyn NY requires skilled masons who know their trade. We not only assess the extensiveness and nature of your brickwork problem but also take into consideration the original techniques and materials used on the property to make a precise match for a better finish.

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