• Brick Tinting

      Brick Tinting

      Bricks Repair can colour treat and tint your brickwork to match perfectly, blending seamlessly. We can also treat concrete brickwork and stone, as well as numerous other clay building facades.

    • Mortar Tinting

      Mortar Tinting

      Bricks Repair can colour treat and tint Mortar to match perfectly, blending seamlessly. Whether you need to correct a manufacturing or construction error Bricks Repair can sort it.

    • Brick Repairs

      Brick Repairs

      . Being in the construction services for so long, we are completely engrossed in the working of bricks services whether it is pertaining to the fixation of old bricks into the proper place or installing the new one.

    • Stone Repairs

      Stone Repairs

      Whether as part of a renovation project or due to on site issues and mistakes, Remedial Repair can repair both natural and reconstituted stone and stonework of any age, seamless repairs on site.

    • Brick/Stone Cleaning

      Brick/Stone Cleaning

      Brick Repairs have the experience, knowledge and equipment to carry out a thorough clean without causing immediate or long term damage.

    • Drill & Fill

      Drill & Fill

      Bricks Repair also carry out Drill and Fill Repairs of lime and lime blows that become evident in facing bricks. We remove the lime, fill with a permanent repair, and then colour tint to blend.

    • Facade Renovation

      Facade Renovation

      We correct the affects of weathering and aged brick/stonework as well as protect building facades against the affects of the elements and their surroundings for years to come.

    • Brick System Repairs

      Brick System Repairs

      Bricks Repair now undertake repairs to many of the very latest pre-fabricated brickwork systems.
      We work for contractors and manufacturers of numerous brickwork systems ranging from brick slip cladding to pre cast panels providing seamless brickwork repairs.

    • Brick Slip Cladding

      Brick Slip Cladding

      Bricks Repair provide a quality installation service for brick slips and brick slip cladding systems.
      We can install both factories made as well as cut brick slips to many different types of substrate, as well as pre-fabricated brick slip cladding systems.

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